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Theo van Gogh was born in The Hague,  Netherlands. His father,  Johan van Gogh,  was a member of the Dutch secret service ('AIVD', then called 'BVD'). Theo's uncle,  also named Theo,  was executed by the Germans as a resistance fighter during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during World War II. Theo's great-grandfather was the art dealer Theo van Gogh,  brother of the artist Vincent van Gogh., After dropping out of law school at the University of Amsterdam,  van Gogh became a stage manager. His self-proclaimed passion was filmmaking,  and he debuted as a director with the movie Luger (1981). He received a Gouden Kalf ("Golden Calf", the Dutch equivalent of the Oscar) for Blind Date (1996) and In het belang van de staat ("In the Interest of the State") (1997). For the latter,  he also received a "Certificate of Merit" from the San Francisco International Film Festival. As an actor he appeared in the production De noorderlingen ("The Northerners", 1992)., After that,  he worked for television. Van Gogh also wrote provocative columns for Metro and other newspapers. He wrote polemic prose. His website was called De Gezonde Roker ("The Healthy Smoker").[1] The site's name,  which is also the title of one of his books,  was an allusion both to his notorious chain smoking and to the "politically correct" negative stance towards smoking in society., His last book (2003) was Allah weet het beter (Allah Knows Better) in which he strongly condemned Islam. He was a well-known critic of Islam,  particularly after the September 11,  2001 attacks. He supported the nomination of the liberal (former PvdA Labour Party),  Somalian-born female politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali for Dutch parliament.,


  • Job : Director / Screenwriter
  • Nationality : Dutch
  • Filmography : MEDEA
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